City of Edmonton Long Term Neighbourhood Renewals

Standard General a leader in the neighbourhood renewal market with contracts in the Westmount, Queen Alexandria and McKernan communities. These contracts range from 2-6 year rehabilitation programs and give our crews the opportunity to completely remake the local infrastructure for residents in the area.

The intent of these projects is the revitalization of the catch basins, sidewalks, landscaping, curbs and gutters. This is followed by a rehabilitation of the roadway and new asphalt pavement. With over 60 people and 35 pieces of equipment working on the three sites, our crews are working hard to fix up these mature neighborhoods.

Standard General has received many great reviews and comments on the construction that we have done to date and the feedback from citizens is very much appreciated. We take great pride in finding the best solution to the unique challenges that are presented when working in an established area. Satisfaction of the community is always our guiding principle.

We realize the impact that construction projects can have on a neighborhood so we strive to reduce the construction impingement  by keeping our worksites clean and by always being respectful and mindful of the needs of the community.

Come out for a visit to see what we are doing as we continue to maintain a high standard of construction within these neighbourhoods. We are very proud of the revitalization work  and will work hard to make each neighbourhood a great place for residents to call home.