CN Mc Bain Intermodal Yard

A new intermodal terminal was required to accommodate Canadian National Railway’s (CN’s) significant increase in intermodal traffic. The construction of the new intermodal terminal began in September 1999 and finished on time and on budget with the grand opening held Oct 2, 2001.

Standard General Inc. performed the initial site grading, road access, yard and parking lot surfacing.
Roller Compacted Concrete was used for the yard surface due to the strength required to accommodate heavy loads. Close to 100,000 m2 of roller compacted concrete pad area was placed in just 36 days.

In July 2012, Standard General was also awarded CN’s 3rd phase of the intermodal yard expansion. This project required 250mm of granular base course, 400 mm of roller compacted concrete followed by a top layer of 50mm of asphalt. This 3rd phase totalled 26,900 m2 of subgrade preparation, over 16,000 tonnes of 20mm GBC, over 28,000 tonnes of RCC and 3,500 tonnes of asphalt.